TRU ninja party experience packages are tailored to provide unimaginable fun and value for money. Your journey begins as soon as you enter TRU ninja, having been greeted by your very own dedicated party host, you have 2 hours exclusive VIP use of our Japanese themed street shack party rooms. We have interactive screens throughout and you can choose to have a special message displayed to the celebrating ninja! Once you have been kitted out in your Tru Ninja headband, gloves and tattoo, it's time for you to hit the ninja obstacle course. Our courses have variant dif?culty challenges to test the levels of all ninjas! If you look out, you will see we have our own Tru Ninja Masters. These Masters have the highest level of Tru ninja status and are at hand to show you special ninja tricks and ninja agility. Most of all they are there to have fun and keep all our ninjas safe.

+ 2 hours of tru ninja party experience
+ Includes 2 hour VIP use of your own themed TRU ninja party room with a dedicated party host
+ 1 hour of Tru Ninja course action including guidance from our Tru Ninja Masters
+ Tru Ninja headband, Gloves and removable tattoo
+ A CHOICE of healthy mains, drinks and deserts from our amazing FUDO restaurant and cafe
+ A full colour group photo within a Tru Ninja binder for celebrating child.

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